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29: Garment Care (or the Never Chapter!) (cont.)

Spots and stains

If you have problem spots or stains on the garment, never, never rub them. Rubbing can stretch, felt or spoil any texture. Use a stain remover that you trust, or detergent or a paste of washing powder. Place something absorbent behind the spot and put whatever goo you have chosen to use on the stain. Dab or pat the whole area gently with your finger or the corner of a towel until the stain loosens and shifts. Keep changing the absorbent padding so that the stain won’t transfer back to the garment. Feather out the moisture around the stain area to avoid a patch, and then wash, as described, immediately.



Don’t try to dry a sopping wet garment. The weight of the water will stretch the knitting, and it may not go back into shape. It will also take for ever to dry. Turn the washing machine to the spin cycle, place the garment towards the back of a front loader, or balance it with a wet towel in a top loader, and then let it remove the water for you. Dry the garment flat, or, placed on top of a thick folded towel, hang over a line or bar. With all the water removed, the garment will be light and won’t stretch or sag as it is drying. Never hang from pegs when drying as these will distort the shape. Just peg the towel so your washing won’t fall on the ground.

Never use any sort of drying machine for knitwear! Any moisture in the yarn could be heated and you will end up with stiff dolly’s clothing.


How to deal with pilling

If the yarn has fluffed up, or pilled or balled with wear, place the garment on a flat, soft surface, like a bed, and gently shave it with a safety razor. After you have done this, use a magic brush or sticky tape, sticky side out, wound round your fingers to remove the debris. This treatment can keep knitwear pristine for years.


Your knitwear can last for years, in wonderful condition, if you just pay a bit of attention to the correct care!

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