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2: Needles & Accessories (cont.)


A needle gauge is the only way to size needles that have no mark on them. There are so many different styles, that they can be a collection in their own right. Some have metric and equivalent needle sizes, which is useful and convenient.

Occasionally I find I have to use different length needles to knit sections of the same garment, and I always check to make sure the needle size is truly the same. I have found big variations between needles, and this can result in looser or tighter knitting. Make sure the different needles fit into the needle gauge in the same way, or you can also use a stiff piece of paper or thin cardboard. Push one needle point through the paper, then try the next needle. If it fits in the hole exactly, that’s fine. When it is harder to fit through, or goes in with room to spare, you should try another pair of needles, as you risk a different tension, which could show up clearly, especially on plain areas.


Collect knitting stitch dictionaries, stitch books or compendiums, or whatever they are called.

Even if they are in another language, they could still be helpful. Although much of the same ground will be covered, you will usually find a few different stitches from book to book because the smorgasbord of knitting delights varies greatly. Search for knitting history books. Save articles from magazines. You can never have too many reference books. (Another collection!)


A calculator makes short work of any mathematical problem. Fractions of stitches multiply easily, conversions are a snap, and numbers divide like magic. Essential! As they cost peanuts, buy a few and sprinkle them around your favourite knitting locations.

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