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How to Become an "Expert Knitter"   *Buy this book on CD for offline reading!

table of contents Ľ chapter 6 (of 29)

6: Start to Knit

Now you start to knit!

Iím not going to tell you how to do that. Everyone knits differently and there are heaps of books explaining various methods.

I intend to show and tell you how to knit defensively. How to knit so that you can easily make the pieces into a garment that fits together perfectly and looks great when it is finished. All without skipping a beat or needing extra effort.

When the knitting is all over, someone will have to make the pieces into a garment and it will probably be you. Be helpful to yourself in advance.

I have met so many people who have dived into a knitting project, worked on it for weeks, or even months, then abandoned the whole thing because the making up presented so many problems that they didnít have the heart to finish. That is often the story of little boxes, old faded knitting bags, plastic bags or baskets filled with wool, needles, some knitted fabric and a pair of scissors hidden in a dark corner. Those knitters rarely try any other knitting, so not only do they have guilt feelings about what they didnít finish, they miss out on the thrill of wearing something that they have made for themselves.

As you knit, you can make the whole experience easy or a challenge.