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How to Become an "Expert Knitter"   *Buy this book on CD for offline reading!

table of contents Ľ chapter 10 (of 29)

10: Dropped Stitches

This is the chapter that I knew had to be in this book, but kept avoiding because I couldnít get my thoughts around how to explain what to do without some difficult mental acrobatics. (My mind and I are not at all sporty.) I finally had to attack the concept because I phoned my daughter, living in New York, and was astounded to hear that she had started knitting a shawl. In fact, when she answered the phone, she told me to wait a moment, she was finishing a row. I thought I had the wrong number!

My daughter was the only child who didnít finish a sweater when her teacher arranged for me to give the class a series of knitting lessons. I still have the piece of knitting she produced so painfully all those years ago. Although I consider her a genius in many ways, she certainly didnít show any aptitude for knitting.

So there she was, half a world away, asking me to tell her how to fix DROPPED STITCHES!

Hold on. Here we go!


Look at the construction of a bit of knitting. Worked in rows, stitches are linked horizontally and vertically to each other to form the fabric [pic 1].

Stitches, whether knit or purl, link in four different directions. When you pick up a dropped stitch, you have to re-establish the sequence.

If you drop a stitch, it breaks the sequence of the knitting and so you will need to know, first of all, how to find the dropped stitch and then what to do about it.


Detective work: finding the dropped stitch

Dropped stitches hide!

If you count every few rows as you knit, you will quickly notice if you have dropped a stitch. Counting regularly is much easier than unpicking miles of stitches to get back to a hole. If you havenít been counting, you donít see it happen, but you eventually realise that you are knitting less stitches than when you started. Sometimes there are quite a few dropped stitches, and the knitting is starting to become a triangle [pic 2].

There are three almost invisible dropped stitches here, and this piece is well on the way to becoming a triangle!

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