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10: Dropped Stitches (cont.)

You will find that the only way to proceed is to un-knit the rows, counting the number of stitches on each row as you go, and hopefully you will get to the correct number before you are back to the cast-on row!

When you do locate a dropped stitch, catch it with a safety pin so it won’t run any further down the knitting [pic 6].

6: A safety pin will keep the dropped stitch stable.

Now you’re ready to start working some magic!


Dropped stitch surgery

The easiest dropped stitch to fix is the one that happens as you are knitting a stitch and it just slips off the needle [pic 7].

The loop in the centre is the dropped stitch. The connecting thread behind it has to be pulled through the dropped stitch to remake this stitch and fix the problem.

If you have found the dropped stitch one row down and it is on the knit side, work to the stitch to the right above the dropped stitch, then, using the spare needle, pull or hook the thread through the dropped stitch from the front to the back [pic 8,9].

8: Place the point of a spare needle (or a crochet hook) through the stitch from the front to the back.

9: Seen at the back of the work, the connecting thread that will be pulled through the dropped stitch to re-establish the correct sequence.

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