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table of contents chapter 14 (of 29)

14: Casting Off (cont.)

Knitters who find it difficult to cast off without tightening the stitches should use a larger needle for the cast-off row, and that will make the stitches bigger, as well as making sure that the row is even [pic 6,7,8].

6: Slightly looser and more flexible cast-off edge will not distort knitted shape.

7: Two loosely but evenly cast-off edges join without distorting the fabric.

8: Now the shoulder seam or neck edge will sit flat without being pulled out of shape.

The cast-off edge of a cardigan neck should stay firm to prevent sagging or stretching. In this case, you need to make the cast-off row tighter. Rather than just trying to cast off tightly, use a smaller needle which will make the row firm, but even.
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