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table of contents chapter 23 (of 29)

23: Working the Neck Band of a Sweater (cont.)

Square necks

Square necks present two different edges. The horizontal cast off row and the right angle rows at the side.

The neck band is added in four pieces after the shoulder seams have been joined. Pick up stitch for stitch across the horizontal row and then decrease one stitch at each end of every row to form part of a mitred corner. Pick up stitches along each side in the ratio appropriate to the size of the needles being used for the band. If the needles are the same size as those used for the garment, pick up three stitches to every four rows and then work the band, decreasing one stitch at each end of every row. Carefully join the little seams at each corner, they need to look very neat as they are in the neckline spotlight [pic 30, 31].

30: (left) Work a mitred corner.
31: (right)
Mitred corner join.

Another way to make the corner is to work all four pieces without decreasing at the ends of the rows, and then place and stitch the edges over each other at the corners [pic 32].

32: Overlap bands for a different square neck corner.

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