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table of contents Ľ chapter 24 (of 29)

24: Front Bands & Necks on Cardigans & Jackets

After the stitches have been picked up, the required number of rows is knitted, working mitred corners if you are knitting a round neck, and placing buttonholes (see here) as you go. Cast off evenly and with an even tension that will allow a certain amount of stretch without being too loose. If the band has been knitted in rib, cast off in rib.

To work half of a mitred corner, increase one stitch at the neck end of every row in the band, keeping any pattern sequence correct. To make a neat corner, increase on the first stitch at the beginning of any row and on the second last stitch at the end of any row. The other half of the mitre is worked on the neck band. After joining the shoulder seams, pick up stitches as for a round neck sweater (see here) and complete the neck band, increasing one stitch at each end of every row [pic 12].

Increase one stitch at the neck edge of every row on front and neck bands to form a mitre.

Join the corner seam carefully, with right side facing, matching rows [pic 13].

13: The mitred corner neatly joined.


If you donít want a mitred corner on your garment, there is another method you can use. Work the neck first, from the front corner on one side to the front corner on the other side, and without any increases at each end [pic 14].

14: Instead of a mitred corner, work the neck band without any increases at each end.

Then work the front edges starting with the right hand side. Pick up stitches according to needle size, with right side facing, from the hem to the top of the neck band, and then work without increasing at the neck. Repeat on the other side [pic 15].

15: Pick up stitches from the hem to the top of the neck band along the front. Work the required number of rows without any increases.

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