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Japanesque Cushions
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Dream of a vacation in Japan, and knit two beautiful cushions, inspired by Japanese fabric designs. Add three dimensional crochet cherry blossoms. Easy to knit, and if you can’t crochet, ask a kind friend.

Evocative feature pieces for any room.

Your choice of yarns is only limited by needing to achieve a correct tension.

9 pages with 9  illustrations (in zipped PDF format, 3.9MB* approx).

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Choose 12 ply or chunky weight for all sections. A slight variation in thickness is not critical. The main aim is to find three yarns, colours A, B and C, for the cushion base that will attain the correct tension as stated in the instructions. Find a fancy yarn that will look like part of a Japanese fabric design for Colour C.

I used a thick, rough silk yarn for Colour A, a thick silk ribbon yarn for Colour B, a marvellous Filatura Di Crosa yarn called Giardino (I think that’s the right spelling) for the fancy panel, and other yarns of the right colours from my collection. You can use anything that will be the correct tension. If your yarns are thin, use 2 together.

• Colour A : back of cushion and part of front
6 x 50gr balls

• Colour B: main contrast colour on front
2 x 50gr balls

• Colour C: fancy yarn for smaller panel
1 x 50gr ball

• Colour D: blossoms
1 x 50gr ball

• Colour E: branches and twigs
1 x 50gr ball

• Colour F: flower stamens
Small amount

• 1 pr 5.00mm (US 8, UK 6) knitting needles
• 5.00mm (US H, UK 6) crochet hook
• Blunt and pointed large wool sewing needles
• 2 x 40cm or 16in cushion inserts


These cushions are 40 cms or 16 ins square. However, if you want a smaller size, use a thinner yarn and smaller knitting needles and crochet hook. You will need two balls less of Colour A and only 1 ball of Colour B. Buy the inserts after you have finished the knitting, then you will know the correct size to use.


15 sts and 24 rows to 10 cms (4 ins) over st st using Colour A and 5.00mm knitting needles
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