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A stunning scarf worked in double crochet stitch
used in two different ways.

Choose any smooth yarn, any size hook, make a tension sample, measure it, and then follow directions. Width and length are up to you.

The pictured scarf is made using thick yarn and a huge hook, because I wanted to finish the whole project in one night. I also like the dramatic effect of the big stitches.

I recently made the same scarf in fine cashmere yarn as a short necklace scarf. It would also make a fantastic shawl.

Use any yarn and any hook that is comfortable to use with the yarn you have chosen.

I have no idea how much yarn you will need as the size of the scarf is your choice. As some sort of guide, the yarn used for the scarf in the picture is about a 12 ply, half again as thick as an 8ply or DK thickness, and an 8mm hook. You could use two fine yarns together to get weight and bulk. The scarf pictured measured 122 cms or 48 ins, before I added the spiral curls. I used six 50 gram balls of yarn. The metres or yardage are too variable to state.

7 pages with 9 illustrations (in zipped PDF format, 2.3 MB* approx).

(*The Studio Knits patterns are big files because they are full of high resolution, detailed photographs, so allow some time for downloading. You are given multiple attempts at downloading the pattern file within a 48 hour period. If after this time you have a problem and don't end up with your pattern, email us and we'll sort it out. We will answer emails within 24 hours, and normally much quicker, but please allow for time zone differences.)



6 x 50 gr balls 12ply (thicker than worsted or DK) yarn
8.00 mm crochet hook

You can, however, use any yarn you like and the appropriate hook for that yarn.


This pattern can be used for a scarf or shawl of any size.
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