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table of contents Ľ chapter 27 (of 29)

27: Sewing In Ends (cont.)

Donít weave an end around the edge stitches of the seam, it will always unweave with wear [pic 4].

4: Donít weave ends around the seam, they will unwind with wear. To stay in place, the end should be sewn through the seam.

Donít sew any ends over and over the seam. This will only make a big lump that could stick out under the seam on the right side, and wonít hold any better than using a sharp needle and sewing the thread firmly through the ridge of the seam [pic 5].

5: Overstitching the seam makes a hard little bump that might show as a lump on the right side.


If you have used two or more colours, sew the ends in to the matching coloured seam. If you have sewn in the ends properly, you shouldnít even glimpse a sewn-in end on the right side, but this is extra insurance [pic 6,7].

6: (left) Ends at a colour join.
7: (right) Sew the ends into the matching colour seam.

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