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table of contents Ľ chapter 27 (of 29)

27: Sewing In Ends (cont.)

Colour changes, patches or a knitted-in design result in ends located in the fabric of the garment. These should also be sewn in to the matching colour on the wrong side, but now you donít have a seam to hide the ends [pic 8].

8: A coloured area has no seam to use to hide the ends.

Make a tiny stitch on the back at the base of the end, then carefully push the needle through matching stitches along the horizontal colour change row, or vertically along the side of the colour patch [pic 9,10].

9: (left) Take the thread through the matching horizontal row.
10: (right) This works as well if you match the colour vertically.

Matching the colour will mean there is less of a chance that the ends will show through on the right side [pic 11].

11: No ends show on the right side.

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