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table of contents Ľ chapter 4 (of 29)

4: Ends & Knots (cont.)

If joining in a new end or colour, there is no need to construct a strong knot to keep the ends from creeping out of the edge of the work. Just make a loose knot that can easily be undone when joining seams. This allows edge stitches to be firmed up and ends can be sewn in neatly.

When knitting coloured areas, or if joining new colours in to any part of a row, donít knot new ends to any other thread. Again, leave a long end, not enough for a seam, but long enough to sew in easily when neatening the back of the work. Firming up stitches at the colour change is important, because these stitches can often be a bit loose and a knot will prevent tightening the stitch to match the rest of the work on the right side [pic 5,6,7,8].

(left) A hole shows at the colour change on the back of the work.
6: (right) The same hole on the front of the work.

Carefully close the hole with a stitch at back of the work.

The hole has disappeared on the right side.
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