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table of contents chapter 17 (of 29)

17: Seam Theory (cont.)

The only advantage of backstitch seams is that they help a careless knitter. Pieces knitted without matching rows can be cobbled together. At least the garment can be finished and worn, but it will never hang properly. It will sag, and show that some bits are longer than other sections that are supposed to be the same, or the seams will have lumps or bubbles.

If you work a seam with the right side facing, so that you can see the rows that you are joining, and if you join row to row, or stitch to stitch, the seams will be fine and almost invisible, and the garment will fit and hang well.

Seams, unless a feature, should not be obvious. Odd, messy stitches, holes, loose ends and wrong coloured threads used for joining show that finishing has been careless, and detracts from the professional look of the garment.

Seams should be supple and have as much stretch as the rest of the knitting to avoid distorting the shape. They should also be as fine as possible to prevent unwanted bulk and stiffness.

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